Dave Aasen

Education and Employment

2018- Joint Postdoctoral Fellow at Microsoft Station Q and the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics Joint appointment

2012-18 California Institute of Technology Ph.D., Department of Applied Physics. Thesis: Super Pivotal Categories, Fermion Condensation, and Fermionic Topological Phases.

2008-11 McGill University Joint Honours in Mathematics and Physics

2007-08 University of Waterloo One year of Nanotechnology Engineering


2016 The Tombrello Scholar (Caltech)

2016 KITP Graduate Fellowship

2013-16 NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship

2012-13 NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship

2010 James F Mathison Scholarship (McGill)

Academic Activities

2020 Invited participant: Fractons and Beyond (Banff International Research Station, January 2020)

2019 Outreach seminar at Laguna Blanca High School (Santa Barbara, April 2019)

2018 Internship at Microsoft Research (Microsoft Redmond campus)

2017-18 Member of the IQIM seminar organization committee (Caltech, 2017)

2016 KITP graduate fellow

2016 Boulder school for Topological Phases of Quantum Matter

2014 Les Houches summer school on topological aspects of condensed matter physics

2013 Invited participant of the Microsoft Station Q meeting

Invited Talks

2020 Electrical probes of the non-Abelian spin liquid phase in α-RuCl3 (Unconventional Magnetism and Novel Probes in Heterostructures hosted by Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, October)

2019 Electrical probes of the non-Abelian spin liquid phase in α-RuCl3 (Condensed Matter Seminar hosted by Freie Universitat Berlin, August)

2019 Electrical probes of the non-Abelian spin liquid phase in α-RuCl3 (Interacting Majorana Fermions hosted by Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, May)

2018 Fermion condensation and superconducting string-nets (Sydney Quantum Information Theory Workshop, January)

2017 Fermion condensation and superconducting string-nets (Yale, December)

2017 Fermion condensation and superconducting string-nets(Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, December)

2017 Fermion condensation and superconducting string-nets (Microsoft Research Station Q, September)

2017 Fermion Condensation and Superconducting String-nets (Strongly Correlated Topological Phases of Matter at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, June)

2017 Topological defects on the lattice (String theory group seminar Ludwig Maximilian University, April)

2017 Topological defects on the lattice (Cocycling in Flanders hosted by Ghent University, April)

2012 Towards Universal Quantum Computation Out of Relativistic Motion of Particle Detectors (Relativistic quantum information—North hosted by Perimeter Institute for theoretical physics, June)


2021 Victor V. Albert, David Aasen, Wenqing Xu, Wenjie Ji, Jason Alicea, John Preskill. Spin chains, defects, and quantum wires for the quantum-double edge . arXiv:2111.12096

2021 David Aasen, Parsa Bonderson, Christina Knapp. Characterization and Classification of Fermionic Symmetry Enriched Topological Phases. arXiv:2109.10911

2021 Kevin Slagle, David Aasen, Hannes Pichler, Roger S. K. Mong, Paul Fendley, Xie Chen, Manuel Endres, Jason Alicea. Microscopic characterization of Ising conformal field theory in Rydberg chains. arXiv:2108.09309

2021 David Aasen, Parsa Bonderson, Christina Knapp. Torsorial actions on G-crossed braided tensor categories. arXiv:2107.10270

2020 Kai Klocke, David Aasen, Roger S. K. Mong, Eugene A. Demler, Jason Alicea. Time-domain anyon interferometry in Kitaev honeycomb spin liquids and beyond. arXiv:2011.00015

2020 David Aasen, Paul Fendley, Roger Mong. Topological Defects on the Lattice: Dualities and Degeneracies. arXiv:2008.08598

2020 David Aasen, Daniel Bulmash, Abhinav Prem, Kevin Slagle, Dominic J. Williamson. Topological Defect Networks for Fractons of all Types. Phys. Rev. Research 2 043165 arXiv:2002.05166

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2017 David Aasen, Ethan Lake, Kevin Walker. Fermion condensation and super pivotal categories. Journal of Mathematical Physics 60 no. 12, 121901. arXiv:1709.01941

2016 David Aasen, Shu-Ping Lee, Torsten Karzig, Jason Alicea. Interaction effects in superconductor/quantum spin Hall devices: universal transport signatures and fractional Coulomb blockade. Phys. Rev. B 94, 165113. arXiv:1606.09255

2016 David Aasen, Michael Hell, Ryan V. Mishmash, Andrew Higginbotham, Jeroen Danon, Martin Leijnse, Thomas S. Jespersen, Joshua A. Folk, Charles M. Marcus, Karsten Flensberg, Jason Alicea. Milestones toward Majorana-based quantum computing. Phys. Rev. X 6, 031016. arXiv:1511.05153

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2012 Eduardo Martin-Martinez, David Aasen, Achim Kempf. Processing quantum information with relativistic motion of atoms. Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 160501. arXiv:1209.4948

2012 David Aasen, Tejal Bhamre, Achim Kempf. Shape from sound: toward new tools for quantum gravity. Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 121301. arXiv:1212.5297

2011 David Aasen, Stefano Chesi, W. A. Coish. Quasiparticle velocities in 2D electron/hole liquids with spin-orbit coupling. Phys. Rev. B 85, 075321. arXiv:1110.6661